Gluten Free

For 15 years, we and our Partners have been working to create high quality Gluten Free ingredients and solutions and we have launched breakthrough Gluten Free innovation in several ranges.

The innovations of the range

Pioneers and still unequaled

Our permanent target is to provide Consumers who are allergic or sensitive to gluten with quality substitutes, not only being nutritionally satisfying but also as close as possible to the standard products in taste sensations and texture. 

Our Partner Ernst BÖCKER invented the 1st Gluten Free sourdough in 2009, a major innovation which has revolutionized the Gluten Free baking market. Since then, BÖCKER has never stopped innovating, in Gluten Free sourdoughs, fermented flours and mixes as well as on Gluten Free original solutions, presented below.

With our other Partners, MÜHLENCHEMIE, SOY AUSTRIA and KRÖNER STÄRKE, we also have created several other Gluten Free solutions, all of them of high nutritional and sensorial quality as well as easy to use in processing.

We are now able to offer our Customers a comprehensive innovative Gluten Free range, which can be completed with tailor-made exclusive creations, on demand.