Our Partners are like us

Establishing our network has not been achieved by chance: we have chosen each other and we share the same values.

High standards, skill and expertise… have built the foundations of our network.
Being attentive to our Customers’ needs, seeking solutions, looking ahead as pioneers and being straightforward… are the cement of our business relationships.

Photo de background de la page partenaire de Bôcker France
Our Partners 8
Ernst Böcker
Partner since 2003
A pioneer for over 100 years, our historical roots that we are proud of!
Nos partenaires 1
Partner since 2004
An expert in Enzymes for 90 years and world leader in flour improvement, it processes 20% of world flour. 
Our Partners 24
Soy Austria
Partner since 2015
The best of soy benefits… strictly non-GMO
Nos partenaires 3
Kröner Stärke
Partner since 2016
Expert in starches & glutens since 1900 and 3 generations.
Our Partners 16
Cerealien Bischheim
Partner since 2009
Created in 1871, over 140 year expertise in malt and flakes.
Our Partners 23
Partner since 2019
Since 1932, specialist in processed products based on premium potatoes.
Our Partners 20
Royal Koopmans
New partner since 2021
Specialist in Binders, Coating Agents and Breadcrumbs, with added value.
Photo de particule de la page partenaire de Böcker France