The consumption of vegetable proteins and fibers is a major help for a healthy and balanced diet, whatever the Consumers’ age and nutritional habits.

The innovations of the range

Discover our Vegan range

For BÖCKER FRANCE, this is not a recent concern. Since our creation, we have developed a wide Vegan range, from cereal and legumes selected with strict requirements, in order to diversify the source and to balance the protein content.

Various forms are available, whole grains, concentrated or textured. Our solutions can be used in almost any production process, or even be consumed plain inside protein mixes that Consumers really appreciate.

Even better, our offer allows to ‘play with synergy’: a combination of several cereal and pulse crops proteins results in optimizing protein contents, not only to increase the nutritional value but also to create innovative and unique end products for Consumers’ pleasure… a relevant opportunity to differentiate and to valorize innovations.