Years of research to achieve excellence

Thanks to our network we can rely on considerable human, scientific and technical resources for basic and applied research in the areas of nutrition and health. All of these resources, together with our know-how acquired through generations of experience, enable us today to keep « on the spot » and completely aware of market trends. Thus remaining the pioneers in spirit we have always been.

Consequently, our Customers can rely on us for real quality Consulting as we accompany them all through their development projects bringing them tailor-made solutions. Never forgetting the importance of efficiency, transparency and transmission of know-how to them and their users.

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Summary of R&D resources and innovative creations available within our network

Modern scientific equipment

Enzyme laboratory, flour and rheology laboratory, specific laboratory for pasta, vitamins and micronutrient laboratory.

Highly-skilled scientific and technical Collaborators

45 people working for R&D, Microbiologists, Chemists, Nutritionists, Master Bakers… diverse scientific origins and skills to pair innovation and practical know-how.

Our own microbiological resources

Our historical Partner Ernst Böcker GmbH has developed a unique and comprehensive bank of microorganism cultures, allowing a never ending stream of products with new characteristics and flavors.

Efficient and visible trial laboratories

1 trial laboratory at each Partner Company + 1 trial laboratory at Böcker France in Rungis => all our products are tested in real conditions and our Customers can attend trials whenever they wish.

We permanently invest in basic research and develop partnerships with European Laboratories and Universities, as well as with worldwide organizations for nutrition and health

FFI (Flour Fortification Initiative), GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition). WHO (World Health Organization), WFP (World Food Program).