No limit to creation!

A rich offer of sensorial, nutritional and process solutions, using only natural ingredients, to help you create the best personalized products. We also develop customized solutions, using our expertise, our R&D resources and our creativity.
Starches, glutens & pregelatinized flours
Non-GMO Soy
Process solutions
Vitamins and minerals

We innovate for your health and wellness

The quality and high nutritional value are a priority in our product development in order to maintain the full benefits of the over 20 raw materials which are the base of our products. Thanks to our R&D and creativity, our HEALTH & NUTRITION offer fully meets the market expectations in terms of health and nutritional balance.

Solutions for all your applications

Our offer is very wide. It allows all food and feed markets to find relevant solutions to fit their specific projects. We are also able to create new customized and innovative solutions to answer our Clients' objectives and guidelines.
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Quality and security
Our commitment policies are strict to maintain premium and regular quality of our products.
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Customers’ satisfaction
Each Customer is paramount, each Customer deserves all our consideration.
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Delivery & Logistics
For us, a key step in Customer satisfaction.
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