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90 years of experience and 20 % of world flour processed annually by MÜHLENCHEMIE

As a result, we have inevitably gained considerable skill in flour improvement!

Our Partner MÜHLENCHEMIE has developed an extremely rich range of enzymatic process solutions, improved on year by year, to offer our Clients effective and well-adapted solutions.

An expertise that is unique, reinforced by knowledge of all types of flour worldwide and also by the considerable number of technical and scientific skills within the STERN-WYWIOL Group.

This distinctive force enables us to meet your specific needs and create together customized process solutions satisfying your requirements and adapted to your field of application: milling, baking, pastry, biscuit, pasta, steam bread, tortillas, pizza dough.

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Tailor-made solutions of accurate and customized enzymatic complexes

Based on precise guidelines and with our R&D and technical collaborators support, we may create tailor-made enzyme complexes, to target your technological constraints and your process requirements. For example:

  • Machinability
  • Process tolerance
  • Process simplification
  • Softness improvement
  • Freshness conservation
  • Color optimization
  • Water absorption
  • Cracking reduction
  • Resilience reduction
  • Cost saving
  • Productivity
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