Customer management

Each Customer is paramount, each Customer deserves all our consideration

Bringing satisfaction to our Customers is of the utmost importance. However big or small, we accompany each one from the beginning to the end of the production line, with the same determination that drives our Partners and our Collaborators to find the most appropriate and efficient response.

Our key success factors in terms of Customer service :
good listening, flexibility, reactivity, transparence, respect.

« Human contact, the pleasant atmosphere and respect are real strengths of BÖCKER FRANCE »

Our Collaborators’ commitment to Customer Satisfaction…

Pascal Censi

« In order to satisfy our Customers we impose the same standards on our Partners as we do on ourselves »

Pierre Cassone

« Satisfying a Customer implies making sure that each moment of our collaboration is a success. »

Anne Fregnac

« When a Customer contacts us, he knows that he can rely on us all the way as we deal with all the different services. »

Laure Biehler

« Our high standard level in our Quality Management demonstrates our wish to meet Customers’ expectations. »

Sophie Barat

« We are satisfied when our Client is satisfied. »

Stéphanie Urraca

« To satisfy a Customer is much more than listening his demand and propose solutions. It’s about building long-term projects with him to create breakthrough on the market. ”