Starches specialties

Amidons de spécialités


Thanks to a long expertise in processing and a strict selection of the best cereal, our Kröner Stärke Partner is able to produce starches specialties, for specific and very demanding markets.


Strenghts :

  • Clean Label solutions
  • Specialties for high sensitivity markets (e.g. Baby Food)
  • Tailor-made solutions for specific process requirements (raw applications, specific dispersibility)


Main products

  • FOODSTAR BF : native wheat starch for Baby Food applications (biscuits, cereal products…) also available in Organic
  • FOODSTAR LB : native wheat starch with lower microbiologic values, very useful for raw preparations in a process (for example filling)
  • Agglomerated starches range: an innovative exclusive process, with improved dispersibility/wettability and flowability of fine powders, reduces dust formation in powders. Available in gluten-free and organic

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